On The Border of Time

Julia Pickett, 25 years old and within hours of becoming engaged to a wonderful man, steps over a threshold in the old County Courthouse and is suddenly confronted with the unfathomable.  A Yakee soldier sits atop his horse where, less than an hour earlier, Julia had parked her VW Passat. 

When the terminally curious Julia goes to investigate she is confronted by a charismatic young bushwhaker named Zeb Bonard who first holds her at gunpoint, but in no time at all persuades her to help him break his brother out of jail.  

In just one day's time, Julia goes from being a well-respected historian in 2015 to a wanted criminal almost a century and a half before her own birth. Julia is soon hopelessly  entangled in every aspect of life along the volatile Missour-Kansas border during the bloodiest of wars in U.S. history.  

She runs the gamut of emotions, but ultimately she must choose between two centuries -- and two men. One offers her a safe if lack-luster life in the 21st century. The other, a well-intentioned desperado, beckooss the border of time - and Julia isn't sure if she can resist his call.


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